As Aramis with Glenn Stanton D'Artagnan), Christopher Walsh (Porthos) and Christopher Hainsworth (Athos) in The Three Musketeers (Lifeline Theatre, 2013)
As Gerard in Hummingbird (University of Illinois at ChicagoElectronic Visualization Laboratory and Goodman Theatre, 2022-2023)
With Fernando Albiar, Christopher Brown, Reginald Vaughn and Dan Loftus in 12 Angry Men (Raven Theatre, 2010)
Onscreen in Red Dawn (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2012)
Headshot (Photo by Daniela Colucci)
Martin Kinflein in At the Vanishing Point (The Gift Theatre, 2022)
With Stephen Weinberg demonstrating the martial art of Aikido (Photo by Janna Giacoppo)
As Uncle Sam (center) in Searching for Yoo (filmed in summer 2022)
As Caius Lucius with Brandon Saunders as King Cymbeline in Cymbeline (Strawdog Theatre Company, 2017)