​Dwight Sora, Actor


Welcome to my website. I am a Chicago-based, Asian-American actor, martial artist and community volunteer.

Visit anytime to check on my latest projects and activities.

What's New
Trailer for Searching For Yoo, shot in Chicago summer 2022 (New poster below!)

Thank you to writer/director Marissa Lichwick and director Eric Michael Kochmer for the chance to bring my character of Uncle Sam to life.  

#WeMakeMovies #SearchingForYooFilm #YellowDressProduction
Thank you to the Seminary Co-op Bookstores and the Center for East Asian Studies, University of Chicago for the opportunity to help author, playwright, novelist, and essayist, Yu Miri persent her acclaimed novel Tokyo Ueno Station at Franke Institute for the Humanities on October 10, 2022
Looking forward to working with Yu again in 2024 on "Re-Staging the Lakeview Japanese-American Neighborhood".